Why does ShipWrightShop.com exist?

Most modellers have been familiar with the regular trip to the local model shop to pick up a few supplies or maybe their next project. Unfortunately, over the last decade the number of model shops have rapidly dwindled to the extent that this once regular trip to the local model shop has now become an occasional journey to the nearest model shop.
More recently, the few remaining model shops have tended to specialise in model cars/buggies/planes/helicopters as more profitable high volume sale items, stocking only a few marine model products usually of the low quality, low cost variety.

We, at ShipWrightShop.com, are modellers like you, with a passion for marine modelling and a desire for high quality kits and accessories at affordable prices.

With no local model shop we became accustomed to purchasing items through the internet but soon found that slow service, minimum order values, outrageous postage costs and poor customer support was commonplace. Put simply, we decided that we could do better, much better!

So, why does ShipWrightShop.com exist and what sets us apart from the rest? Here are ten great reasons to shop with us:


  1. We are passionate about marine modelling so marine models and accessories are all we stock. From static ships to 70mph power boats and from steam launches to submarines, marine modelling in its many and varied forms is what we are all about.
  2. Customer support. Whether you have purchased from us or you are considering purchasing from us we are always on hand for advice. As experienced modellers ourselves we are happy to offer informed advice on all aspects of marine modelling. Full contact details can be found on our separate 'Contacts' page.
  3. No minimum order values - whether you just wish to order a 50p packet of fittings or several hundred pounds worth of kits and accessories, no order is too small or too large.
  4. Fast order fulfilment. With 4,500 square foot of floor space we endeavour to hold everything on our website in stock. That means fast processing and shipping of orders, no waiting for us to 'special order' items that could otherwise delay your order by weeks.
  5. Realistic postage and packaging costs. Every item on our website has been individually weighed. The postage and packaging costs are then precisely calculated from the sum total of the weight of goods in your shopping basket, and with free delivery on certain orders you need never pay over inflated postage costs again! Full details of our shipping costs can be found on the separate 'Postage' pages.
  6. Clear descriptions and images. We are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality kits and accessories available to the marine modeller, that's why we are happy to provide detailed descriptions and clear full colour images - you won't find small, out of focus or dubious images on our site.
  7. Security, with full SSL encryption you can buy from us with confidence. ShipWrightShop.com utilises this industry standard high level security protocol to protect the confidentiality and security of your data while it is being transmitted through the internet.
  8. Protecting your privacy. ShipWrightShop.com will never provide, sell, hire or otherwise disclose your personal details to a third party for the purpose of marketing. Please see our separate 'Privacy' page for full details of our privacy policy.
  9. Respecting your rights. Did you know that you are entitled to know what information websites hold/gather about you? You may instruct us, at any time, to provide you with details of any personal information we hold about you. Please see our separate 'Privacy' page for full details of our privacy policy.
  10. 30 day money back guarantee. Please see our 'Terms' pages for full details of our Terms and Conditions.


So, if you've found what you want, why not add it to your basket and give us a try today for fast, trouble free order processing!